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Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Policy

As a publicly assisted and supported organization, Legacy Associates Foundation has an especially strong obligation to ensure equal opportunity for all persons. Federal laws, executive orders, and state statutes and regulations are the legal bases for affirmative action. Each unit that employs personnel, accepts and awards student scholarships, or enters into contracts is responsible for implementing Legacy Associates Foundation's commitment to eliminate discrimination.

General policy

1. It is the policy of Legacy Associates Foundation that all applicants for membership, scholarships, program services and employment are recruited, hired, selected and assigned on the basis of merit and qualifications regardless of the applicant's race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, handicap or veteran status. The employment policies and practices of the organization have been and will continue to be such as to ensure that all of its membership and staff are treated equally and that no distinctions are made in compensation, opportunities for advancement (including upgrading), promotion, and transfer, because of their race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, handicap, or veteran status.

2. In order for the organization to fulfill its responsibility to administer a meaningful affirmative action program, it is our standard operating procedure to seek out and recruit female and minority applicants, and to maintain contact with responsible female and minority employment sources, educational institutions and community partners to provide the foundation with a continuous exposure to the student and labor market for these protected groups.

3. All administrative and professional personnel with hiring authority, scholarship recipient determination and/or community partner selection are instructed to take affirmative action in the area of selection, training, promotion, and recruitment of females and minorities.

Because of the importance placed upon immediate and measurable results in the equal employment/ affirmative action area, a university affirmative action officer will be designated. Further, it must be recognized that a positive program of affirmative action can be ac1hieved and demands the active, purposeful participation of all board members, executives, staff, members and volunteers at every level. Direct cooperation between the board of directors, membership and staff is essential to carrying out the organizationís responsibility in this most important area. Legacy Associates Foundation is guided by an affirmative action program devoted to the elimination of discrimination and the removal of barriers that create and perpetuate inequity. Legacy Associates Foundation must continue to pursue the elimination of inequity wherever it exists. Every member of the campus community is expected to share in this commitment in accomplishing this goal.

(Approved by Board of Directors October 1998; amended February 16, 2003; amended by president of the organization in accordance with directive October 27, 2004; amended by Board of Directors June 21, 2006).