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Scholastic Achievement

Legacy Associates Foundation is focused on assisting the metro Detroit school district in its goal to improve students educational opportunities while offering an enlightening experience that exceeds industry standards. Education is of great importance to Detroit residents and an integral part of our city's revitalization. Quality schools are vital to enhancing Detroit quality of life and transforming our city into a vibrant, strong and informed community. Through our programs and services, Legacy Associates Foundation provides educational opportunities to extend the learning process. In order to become effective schools the following characteristics must be exhibited by our educational institutions: a strong focus on ensuring academic success for each student; a refusal to accept excuses for poor performance; a willingness to experiment with a variety of strategies; intensive and sustained efforts to involve parents and the community; an environment of mutual respect and collaboration; and a passion for continuous improvement and professional growth.

There is no single program, organization or new practice that can transform low-performing schools into effective schools. Administration and districts must help schools choose and sustain a coherent improvement strategy appropriate to each school. This strategy should ensure all schools focus on the need to improve curriculum and classroom instruction while aligning all other school operations with that focus. To support these improvements, state and local leaders need to implement district-wide policies to create a safe environment for learning, help prepare young children to be ready for school, prepare teachers to carry out high-quality instruction, offer students challenging course work, formulate strong partnerships with community organizations, businesses and civic organizations, extend the learning time for students who do not meet challenging standards, and share current research on effective school improvement models. Legacy Associates Foundation is committed to improving the scholastic achievement of students in metro Detroit by providing programs and services that extend and challenge the learning process. It may surprise you that, on average, an individual with a bachelor's degree earns approximately $54,392 per year, compared to the $31,044 average yearly salary of a worker with a high school diploma.**

As an organization, Legacy Associates Foundation understands how critical funding and scholarships are for stakeholders, parents and families who aspire to see students reach and fulfill their educational goals. Access to fianancial and educational resources are a vital component of this challenging task and our members seek to be as helpful as possible in this process for youth in Michigan, across the United States and beyond. Please see the a vast list of academic resources for students of various ages by clicking here.  

** Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 2007, Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers - People 25 Years Old and Over.

Legacy Members with Scholarship Recipients (centered)
(Left to Right, Front Row: Caleb Rutledge, Michael Fox, Jr., Kevin Watts, Murdock Thomas
Left to Right, Back Row: Paul Riser, Chris Polk )
College Rap Session
A program to raise the overall knowledge and understanding for students and parents, regarding colleges and universities. To learn more about the Legacy Associates Foundation "College Rap Session" please click the link to the left.