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Project Description
Legacy Associates Foundation proposes implementation of an Entrepreneur and Business Skills program that will significantly increase the number of minority students adequately prepared to start and manage a successful business. Through strategic visioning process, Legacy Associates Foundation recognized that to continue to be successful in our global society it needed to stay abreast, indeed ahead, of business and economic times. To meet the future needs of our youth, there must be new and innovative programs that will keep entrepreneurship and business skills at the forefront of excellence.

Legacy Associates Foundation's youth entrepreneur program will provide activities that improve skills of students in the areas such as opportunity recognition, finance, negotiation tactics, bookkeeping, organizational management, supply and demand, marketing and (at the core) developing a complete business plan. Within our organization, one of the primary areas of focus is economic empowerment; thus, the program's objective is to introduce, practice and implement various business and entrepreneurial skills. Legacy Associates Foundation will work cooperatively with local business owners, corporations, schools and community-based organizations to increase the number of minorities prepared to start a business.

A major focus is placed on the ability for the program to leverage the following resources: a balance of traditional curriculum activities (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Cash Flow for Kids®) and a balance of practical applications (Guest speakers - young professionals, local entrepreneurs under 30). Our balance of a traditional curriculum and practical applications assist us with conveying the concepts of developing a business plan and the essential levels of business professionalism. Workshops for facilitator's will be conducted to enhance subject content and teaching techniques in the Entrepreneur and Business Skills program. For the duration of the Entrepreneur and Business Skills program, students will participate in a preliminary, mid-term and a post-assessment for imperative evaluation and measurement of student achievement.

The Legacy Associates Foundation Entrepreneur and Business Skills program staff will hold meetings with administrators, counselors, staff members and managers of schools to discuss the best procedures to implement the Legacy Associates Foundation Entrepreneur and Business Skills program model in their specific educational institution. The Legacy Associates Foundation Entrepreneur and Business Skills program staff will work cooperatively with all involved partners and volunteers to offer workshops that teach adults to become facilitators - in our "train the trainer" format. These workshops will work to establish a systemic mechanism for those participating schools to prepare minority students to start a successful business and provide necessary principles of business that they can apply anywhere in the world.