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Economic Empowerment

Scholastic Achievement

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Entrepreneur Program Details

Courses Syllabus and Results

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Class One:

(1) Introductions “What/Who are entrepreneurs?”

(2) 1st “Entrepreneur and Business Skills” assessment. (10 questions)

(3) Entrepreneurship and its benefits. 

Opportunity Recognition and Introduction to Business Plan

Class Two:

(1) Discussion on business opportunities; how to recognize and take advantage of an opportunity around you.

(2) Discuss seasonal opportunities for students to make money in their communities.

(3) Introduction and explanation of a business plan and its 4 components.

Financial Section

Class Three:

(1) Importance of the Financial section of the business plans.

(2) Explanation and practice filling out business financial statements: balance sheet and income statement.

(3) 2nd “Entrepreneur and Business Skills” assessment. (20 questions)

Class Four:

(1) Financial terms and concepts.

(2) Cash Flow for Kids® board game.

Choose Products, Do the Numbers

Class Five:

(1) Discuss and define the 4 factors of production.

(2) Choose products from catalog.

(3) Calculate wholesale, retail and profit margins for your product.

Management Section

Class Six:

(1) Discussion on the organizational chart and the hierarchy of a business.

(2) Brief overview of the various legal business entities.

(3) Guest Speakers: Young entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial advice and insight.                        

Introduction to the Internet and Online Research

Class Seven:

(1) Discuss and define terms for Internet and online research.

Marketing Section

Class Eight:

(1) Four P’s of marketing: product, price, promotion and place.

(2) Students will design flyers based on the four P’s of marketing.

Business Plan Completion

Class Nine:

(1) Executive summary overview for your specific business venture.

(2) Students complete business plan workbook and prepare for business plan presentations and Market Expo.

Class Ten:

(1) Business etiquette and professional development.

(2) 3rd “Entrepreneur and Business Skills” assessment. (30 questions)

Business Plan and Product Expo